Managing post Covid Supply Chain risk

Managing a successful post Covid project supply chain.

Our PRO Consultants have been busy over the last two years successfully delivering multiple projects during the Covid period and managing the supply chain both locally and internationally.  This has been a huge challenge in order to maintain project milestones.  Steel and glass from China, electrical panels from Europe, pumps from America and furniture from Italy have been just some of the challenges.

Key factors to consider post covid include:

  • Increased cost of labour, transport and energy
  • Huge backlogs in shipping
  • Shift to air cargo
  • Changes to traditional trading agreements due to political shifts including Brexit and relationships with key countries such as China.
  • Zero Emissions commitments will drive more centralized and regulated production of major materials including steel and aggregates

How to meet these challenges:

Develop a procurement strategy at start of the Project that will allow early booking of production slots

Assess the risks of using suppliers in different countries and regions

Leverage partnerships with suppliers

Drive early completion and stakeholder approval of construction design documents in order not to delay placing orders.

The PRO Team is available to advise on all aspects of Procurement and Supply Chain Management in order to develop strategies that will assist Clients to meet their Project requirements including time, cost, quality, and reducing the carbon footprint.