Built Assets

Cutting greenhouse gases, reducing waste and driving sustainability is a part of the PRO vision and service. Our Team will use their deep understanding of delivering sustainable and Certified assets that meet LEED, BREAM, GSAS, or similar requirements.

PRO Teams will work closely with our clients to ensure that their Built Assets are developed and delivered to drive efficiency and profitability. The PRO experience of delivering successful buildings is based on longevity, flexibility, adaptability, assembly, disassembly, reuse and recoverability, and considering future climate risks at all project stages. We will do this by driving the use of low-carbon, low-impact, non-toxic materials and re-using materials and products on-site or from other sites.

Our PRO experts will help our client’s adopt Smart Buildings which integrate and account for intelligence, enterprise, control, and materials and construction as an entire building system, with adaptability at its core, in order to meet the drivers for building progression: energy and efficiency, longevity, and comfort and technology to connect building systems together through networked web sensors or devices.