Strategic Partners

Jörg Tritthardt + Dirk Richter

CEO büro für leichtbau Tritthardt+Richter and engineers for lightweight structures

Both have a Diploma (=Master Degree) in Civil Engineering from University Stuttgart. “büro für leichtbau”, an engineering firm specialized in the design and engineering of lightweight structures.

Working on Design and Engineering since 1991 for Artists, Architects, Designer, General contractors, construction companies, Membrane Manufacturers, contracting authorities, project developers. Working on wide span roof structures, steel cable structures, textile facades, air supported structures, covering the whole process from the design to analysis, down to the workshop drawings and support for installation.

Büro für Leichtbau – typical engineering services and skills:

Type of constructions:

  • Retractable systems, temporary structures, permanent structures
  • Services for work of art


  • Architectural and engineering design of lightweight structures


  • Structural analysis and dimensioning of structural systems, for foil, membrane, fabric, steel, aluminum, concrete, wood
  • Management for short term membrane tests
  • Own lab for long term fabric tests
  • Own lab for unconventional tests for fabric, foil and membrane
  • Developing of not standard details for fabric, membrane and foil
  • Developing of breaking load tests for not standard details

Workshop design for:

  • Steel, aluminum, fabric, membrane, foil, concrete, wood
  • Laser files, cutting pattern, cutter files
  • Installation management


  • Interdisciplinary work with other consultants for client projects
  • Experience in sewing, welding metal, climbing